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University College Dublin (UCD)


The UCD Health Science Building Transformation

A Vision for Communal Spaces
The renovation of the UCD Health Science Building's communal areas epitomises Linham's approach to redefining educational environments. Tasked with demolishing outdated structures to pave the way for a unified, open space, our team leveraged innovative design and construction techniques to foster a vibrant community hub. This new area now serves as a beacon for collaboration, relaxation, and academic engagement, addressing the challenges of confined spaces, poor heat distribution, and inadequate natural lighting.

Overcoming Operational Challenges
Executing this project required meticulous planning and innovative problem-solving, especially given the necessity of maintaining campus accessibility. Our strategic implementation of temporary firewalls, adjusted nightly, exemplifies our commitment to safety and minimal disruption. This thoughtful approach ensured that the university's main entrance and library access remained unaffected, showcasing our ability to manage complex logistical challenges with precision.


Daedalus Data Centre Cooling Project

Technical and Logistical Excellence
The Daedalus Data Centre Cooling Project at UCD highlights Linham's technical acumen and logistical expertise. Upgrading the cooling system for the data centre necessitated the construction of a new steel structure, cladding, and service risers—a testament to our capability to handle intricate projects. Despite the bustling campus environment, our team ensured uninterrupted campus activities, demonstrating exceptional project management and coordination.

Health and Safety Prioritisation
Linham's unwavering commitment to health and safety was pivotal in navigating the project's complexities. By coordinating closely with UCD and adhering to stringent protocols, we minimised disruption and safeguarded the well-being of campus users. This project's completion within the stipulated time frame and budget further cements our reputation for delivering high-quality construction solutions.


Revitalising the Newman Building

Transforming Educational Spaces
The conversion of Blocks C and D in the Newman building into a state-of-the-art office environment showcases Linham's adeptness at repurposing educational spaces. The project involved extensive demolition, construction, and installation works—all carried out with minimal disruption to campus activities. Our rigorous planning, daily briefings, and adherence to safety protocols underscore our dedication to project excellence and safety.

Logistical Coordination and Safety
Our team's logistical coordination was critical when faced with restricted access and the challenge of operating from a distant site compound. Through effective planning and execution, we delivered a modern office environment that enhances the campus's academic and administrative functions, demonstrating our capacity to manage complex projects efficiently and safely.


UCD Joyce Library Transformation

Efficient Space Utilisation
Our mission to revitalise the UCD Joyce Library's reception area and back office culminated in creating a multifunctional space that balances aesthetic appeal with functionality. This project, completed efficiently and within budget, is a testament to our ability to adapt to unique challenges, such as maintaining library access and managing student influx, through meticulous planning and execution.


East Hall Student Residence Upgrade

Blending Tradition with Modernity
The renovation of the East Hall Student Residence on Carysfort Avenue illustrates Linham's skill in merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. This project revitalised an outdated space and honoured the building's heritage, enhancing student and staff amenities while maintaining the structure's historical integrity.

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