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18-20 Westland Row Roof Refurbishment

Linham meticulously restored six pitched roofs and seven chimney stacks, addressing past errors in cement mortar use that led to structural issues. The project involved careful removal of damaged mortar, replacement with lime to retain original aesthetics and repairing clay chimney pots. Efforts included replacing faulty cement render to eliminate moisture build-up, with new render applied after thorough cleaning. The project also encompassed repairing windows, treating and replacing roof timbers, and substituting lead guttering with copper for improved durability. This comprehensive approach ensured the building's historical integrity while enhancing its resilience.


Ussher Library Refurbishment

The project aimed to create secure isolation areas and a corridor to access the existing library on four levels. This required the construction of glazed partition walls and doors with butt joints. The library had to remain open during the construction, which meant that Linham had to create large templates of the area to help with the offsite manufacturing of all the necessary elements. The accurate fitting of these complex, bulky and heavy partition units required Linham to create mock-ups of similar locations offsite before fitting. This helped them reduce the number of person-hours needed onsite and avoid noisy and dusty disturbances to the library's daily activities. Linham also performed many tasks outside business hours, such as on weekends.


Cunningham House Refurbishment

The project aimed to modernise the living standards of the building. It included various upgrades, such as demolishing outdated communal toilets and shower blocks. The creation of new communal areas was achieved by repurposing existing apartment units. Moreover, modern kitchen and dining facilities were introduced. Additionally, Linham's expertise facilitated the redesign of service ducts, the improvement of fire safety measures, and the installation of new toilet and shower facilities featuring advanced waterproofing solutions. The electrical and mechanical fit-out and repairing external leaks affecting the main water and communal heating network were also done, which highlighted our commitment to quality and efficiency.


The Parsons Building's Cladding

The project involved rejuvenating the Parsons Building's façade, enhancing its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. The team installed new damp-proof membranes, crafted and fitted bespoke aluminium cladding around windows, and integrated high-performance cavity insulation. The project required innovative solutions to address challenges, such as restrictions on heavy machinery and the need for public access. Linham Construction delivered the project on schedule and within budget, adhering to strict health and safety standards. This achievement demonstrates the team's commitment to excellence and capability to navigate complex challenges in live campus environments.


The Revitalising of 193-194 Pearse Street

This complex project demanded meticulous planning and execution, given the buildings' diverse past uses - from clubs and societies to storage and offices. Linham's approach was thorough and respectful of the building's heritage, focusing on minimal intervention while ensuring structural stability and modern functionality. The renovation involved demolishing unsuitable structures, restoring original features, and introducing contemporary facilities without disturbing the historical essence. Key achievements include stabilising the structure, first-fixing mechanical and electrical works, lime render plastering, and restoring original staircases, doors, frames, plaster cornices, and timber dados. New partitions, canteen facilities, and complete mechanical and electrical installations were also part of the comprehensive refurbishment. The project culminated in a fully functional office space across four floors, equipped with modern IT, power, and heating solutions, all delivered on schedule to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Health and safety were paramount, with rigorous protocols in place due to the site's location within the bustling Trinity College campus. Linham's commitment to safety, detailed planning, and close coordination with all parties ensured the project's success without compromising the college's daily operations.


Winter Programme: Fit-out and Renovation Works at Trinity College

As part of a selected framework agreement with Trinity College, our team was awarded contracts for several pivotal renovation projects during the summers and winters of 2014 and 2015. Our expertise as the main contractor was demonstrated across four critical locations within the college: Ussher Library, The Music Rooms, Crann Visitors Centre, and Regents House. At Ussher Library, our challenge was ensuring the continuity of library services while constructing secure, glazed partition walls across multiple levels. This involved intricate offsite preparation to minimise on-site disruptions. Similarly, the Crann Visitors Centre demanded airtight solutions to protect ongoing laboratory work during the office space renovation. In The Music Rooms, we focused on creating soundproof environments for music production, requiring meticulous attention to construction details to prevent sound leakage. Lastly, the renovation and fit-out of Regents House required sensitive handling to avoid disturbance in a live office environment, encompassing a broad range of construction activities from demolition to mechanical refits. 
Each project adhered strictly to health and safety standards and was completed on time, within budget, and without recordable incidents. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is evident in the successful delivery of these complex and diverse projects.

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