Accountants’ Offices, Fairview, D3 Location: Fairview, D3 Client: Leahy & Co. Accountants Role: Project Management & Building Contractor Architect: O’Dwyer & Associates Project Description: Phase 1 (2001) Re-configure two ground floor shop units and living space above – over 3 storeys in total. Convert into a modern, open plan air-conditioned office with large extension of over 2,000


Davenport Hotel Location: Merrion Square, Dublin Client: Persion Properties Role: Project Management Architect: Arthur Gibney & Partners Project Description: Traditional RC columns, beams and walls, with conservation of original facade and lead conical and domed roof. Recent Project List Candle Community Trust Client: Candle Community Trust Role: Main Contractor and PSCS


Trinity College Restoration Works Location: Trinity College Dublin Client: Trinity College Role: Works Contractor/Works Contractor and PSCS Project Description: Restoration of the Bell Tower, Library Square, Trinity College Linham Ltd. were responsible for all building works including demolitions, plastering, ventilation’s, carpentry, and windows and to assist with works by existing maintenance staff on electrical and mechanical


Greenfield Road Sutton Location: Greenfield Road,Sutton Cross Client: John Wickham Role: Works Contractor and PSCS Architect: David Corbally, Architect Project Description: The client required the house to be brought to the highest insulated and sustainable standards as specified by the SEI and the resident architect. Also to future proof as much as possible to our ever changing


THE PAVILION BUILDING Location: Trinity College Dublin Client: Trinity College Dublin Role: Works Contractor/Works Contractor and PSCS Project Description: Demolition and replacement of decaying original structural timber supports system to the existing roof. Removing all existing timbers and to replace with new (replica) treated larch timbers without affecting the structural stability of the roof or ceilings


St. Patrick’s University Hospital Location: James’s St, Dublin Client: St. Patrick’s Hospital Role: Works Contractor/Works Contractor and PSCS Project Description: This project included the building and fit-out of the new Hospital Pharmacy together with ancillary offices, The Oratory and exterior family play area. The works involved were required to be completed while the hospital was functioning,


UCD (University College Dublin) Location: UCD (University College Dublin) Client: UCD (University College Dublin) Role: Works Contractor/Works Contractor and PSCS Project Description: Make one unified space from numerous portioned spaces which had evolved over many projects. The project had a very small time frame and had to be completed within six weeks. The critical element of

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