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MMUH - Trauma Care Centre

Transforming Healthcare Delivery: Linham Construction's Renovation of MMUH - Trauma Centre: Linham Construction has once again demonstrated its expertise and dedication in the healthcare sector by successfully completing the MMUH - Trauma Centre project. Located within the bustling environment of an operational hospital, this project presented unique challenges that Linham Construction navigated with skill and precision.

The MMUH - Trauma Centre project was situated in the Witty Wing of the hospital, covering multiple levels and nestled among active wards. The project began without a complete construction drawings, a significant hurdle that required agile and responsive decision-making. To manage this, Linham strategically placed decision-makers on-site to facilitate real-time problem-solving during the crucial initial weeks of the project.

One of the most daunting challenges was maintaining hospital operations during construction, notably as the site served crucial functions, including catering, administration, and handling COVID-19 patient admissions. Linham ensured minimal disruption through meticulous planning and coordination with hospital management, implementing daily re-configurations of containment barriers and maintaining the highest hygiene and safety standards with a dedicated cleaning team.

The project's timeline coincided with the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, adding another layer of complexity. Recognising the urgent need for additional high-dependency wards, Linham committed to continuing operations and integrating stringent health and safety protocols to protect against the virus. Enhanced site sanitation, mandatory use of personal protective equipment, and regular health briefings were just a few measures taken to ensure a safe working environment.

The successful completion of the MMUH - Trauma Centre not only reflects Linham Construction's ability to manage complex healthcare projects but also their commitment to enhancing community health infrastructure. This project stands as a testament to the skill, dedication, and resilience of everyone involved, significantly contributing to the ongoing fight against COVID-19 and improving healthcare services for the community.

Linham Construction: Building Better Futures

At Linham Construction, we are proud of our role in delivering state-of-the-art facilities that meet the critical needs of today and anticipate the healthcare challenges of tomorrow. Our work on the MMUH - Trauma Centre is a clear demonstration of our capabilities and our commitment to supporting healthcare professionals and patients with superior construction standards.

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