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KSNPM - St Joseph's Senior School

Linham Construction Ltd. recently completed a comprehensive renovation and expansion project at St Joseph's Senior School, demonstrating a robust commitment to enhancing educational facilities while minimising disruption to school operations. The project encapsulated various structural and aesthetic enhancements designed to modernise the school environment and improve its functionality.

The renovation began with meticulous site management tasks, including labour coordination, welfare provisions, and strict health and safety protocols adherence. The project necessitated extensive demolition and internal alterations, including systematically removing outdated fixtures such as ceilings, floors, radiators, and sinks. These efforts were pivotal in making way for modern installations.

Noteworthy upgrades included installing fireproofing measures, finger protectors, and new doors with frames and ironmongery, all aimed at bolstering safety standards within the school. The project also featured the installation of new sanitary ware in unisex washrooms and the enhancement of life safety systems like fire alarms and emergency lighting, further ensuring the well-being of students and staff.

External work involved significant landscaping adjustments, including removing old road finishes and constructing ramps tailored for disabled access, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility throughout the school grounds.

Internal finishing works were carried out with an eye for detail and quality. This included installing suspended plasterboard ceiling systems, timber stud partitions, joint finishing, painting, coving, and fitting acoustic vinyl flooring. These elements enhanced the school's visual appeal and acoustic environment, creating a more conducive learning atmosphere.

Throughout the project, financial expenditures were meticulously tracked using a web-based application, to ensure adherence to budget while achieving the desired quality and standards. 

Linham Construction's comprehensive approach has completely transformed St Joseph's Senior School into a cutting-edge educational facility, while simultaneously ensuring minimal disruption to daily functions.

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