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KSNPM - De La Salle

Linham Construction Ltd.'s refurbishment and expansion of De La Salle College in Dublin exemplifies their mastery in blending modern functionality with heritage conservation, particularly in their focus on Special Educational Needs (SEN) facilities. This project, initiated on July 15, 2023, and completed by January 12, 2024, highlights Linham's precision in delivering tailored educational environments on schedule.

Key to the project's success was the installation of a durable, two-layer waterproof roofing system and the meticulous repair of 390 square meters of flat roofing. These enhancements improve the building's weather resilience and longevity. Safety and accessibility were prioritized through the strategic placement of scaffold access and edge protections, effectively mitigating construction risks.

Internally, the reconfiguration of existing spaces into SEN-friendly environments involved demolishing outdated structures and erecting compliant internal walls. Each classroom was outfitted with essential mechanical and electrical installations, fostering a conducive learning atmosphere. The detailed planning and execution underscore Linham's commitment to safety and functionality, which were further evidenced by comprehensive traffic management and stringent construction safety standards throughout the site.

Linham's approach not only met but exceeded construction and fire safety regulations, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety for the school's community during the refurbishment. By delivering these enhanced facilities on time and to the highest standards, Linham reaffirms its reputation as a leader in developing state-of-the-art educational facilities. This project not only supports the specialized needs of students but also preserves the historical essence of the educational institution, making a compelling case for Linham's adeptness in handling complex educational renovations.

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