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KSNPM - St. Peter Dromiskin School

Linham Construction's project at St. Peter Dromiskin School involved extensive refurbishment and modernisation to improve the building's functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal. The project was meticulously executed to balance architectural innovation with the functional needs of the school environment. Here is a comprehensive overview:

The scope of work was comprehensive, leaving no stone unturned. It included systematically removing and disposing of all existing furnishings, ceiling structures, floor finishes, radiators, partitions, skirtings, sinks, vanity units, and sanitary ware. The project also entailed significant structural alterations, internal refurbishments, and external landscaping. Site offices and facilities were established, and strict health and safety measures and insurance provisions were implemented throughout the duration of the project.

Interior enhancements included installing flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant finger protectors, applying paints, and fitting WHB Splashback tiles. Doors were replaced with fireproofed alternatives, and ironmongery was updated to anti-ligature specifications. Floor levelling was achieved using a levelling compound, followed by installing Forbo Surestep Vinyl and Forbo ModulUp acoustic vinyl flooring.

On the exterior, the building underwent significant enhancements to improve accessibility and safety. This included the construction of a ramp for disabled access, general fireproofing, and installing a modular suspended ceiling system. Additional works involved the installation of a new fence, adjustments to the playground, and the construction of a new retaining wall.

The mechanical and electrical services were comprehensively upgraded to ensure optimal functionality and compliance with current standards. This included the installation of new plumbing fixtures, heating elements, and electrical fittings. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, electrical wiring (including lighting and power layouts), and integrating fire safety systems and alarms were also integral parts of the project.

Throughout the project, financial expenditures were recorded using a web-based application, which was crucial in tracking the progress, materials, and budget, ensuring that the project remained within budget while achieving the desired quality and standards​​.

This detailed account showcases Linham Construction's commitment to delivering high-quality construction projects that meet modern standards and client expectations. The St. Peter Dromiskin School project is a testament to the company's expertise in managing complex renovations within operational educational environments.

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