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KSNPM - Assumption Senior Girls National School

The Assumption School Project is a comprehensive renovation to modernise and enhance educational facilities, ensuring safety, accessibility, and integration of advanced learning technologies. It involves extensive structural, internal, and external modifications, including demolishing and replacing outdated infrastructure and adding new, durable materials.

Key components of the project include:

  1. Site Management: The project emphasises minimal disruption to school activities, with well-planned scheduling, experienced labourers, and welfare facilities to maintain the well-being of all during renovations.

  2. Health and Safety: Safety measures include securing construction areas and conducting regular audits to ensure a safe environment for construction teams and school occupants.

  3. Demolitions and Alterations: This phase involves removing old fittings, focusing on waste management and recycling, and preparing for new renovations.

  4. Classroom and Facility Upgrades: Classrooms are being overhauled with new ceilings, floors, and sanitary facilities to improve functionality and hygiene. Safety enhancements include fireproofing and the installation of flame-retardant materials.

Additional improvements are:

  • Doors and Windows: New installations enhance energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics.

  • Flooring and Ceiling: Upgraded materials are chosen for durability and maintenance ease, with acoustic and thermal benefits.

  • Paint and Decoration: Spaces are refreshed with eco-friendly, low-VOC paints to create a healthy, inviting atmosphere.

  • Built-in Units: Custom storage units are being added to optimise space utilisation and support educational activities.

Mechanical and electrical services are also being upgraded to support modern educational tools and improve energy efficiency, alongside the development of inclusive and secure outdoor play areas.

The project prioritises environmental responsibility, using sustainable materials and effective waste management strategies to minimise environmental impact. Financial planning and phased scheduling are crucial to keeping the project within budget and on time despite potential challenges like material delays or unforeseen site conditions.

Overall, the renovations are set to significantly enhance the school's environment, making it safer and more conducive to modern educational needs, with long-term benefits for the school community.

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