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Grove Road - Civic Offices Customer Care Area

We proudly announce the successful completion of a significant refurbishment project at the Blanchardstown Centre Civic Offices, specifically within the Customer Care Area located on Grove Road. Undertaken by Linham as the main contractor and Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage (PSCS), this project exemplified our commitment to enhancing community facilities while preserving their historical and aesthetic value.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team diligently worked to reconfigure and renovate the facility, ensuring minimal disruption to its daily operations. The project, involved intricate planning and execution to maintain the building's original features while introducing modern amenities and improvements for public and staff use. Key enhancements included the construction of new reception desks, a secure cash room, a revamped back-office layout with an extension, separate toilet facilities, external paving, groundworks, and a thoughtful reconfiguration of external landscaping. Our approach focused on creating a welcoming and efficient space, incorporating new heating, lighting, and ventilation systems alongside comprehensive mechanical and electrical upgrades.

Linham's dedication to conservation and innovation was evident in every aspect of the project, from salvaging finishes for reuse to installing state-of-the-art security and communication systems. We navigated the complexities of working within an occupied public facility with strategic planning, ensuring safety and accessibility throughout the process.

The transformed Customer Care Area now represents Linham's expertise in delivering high-quality, sustainable construction solutions that serve the community's needs. We extend our gratitude to all involved in realising this vision, from our dedicated team to our partners and the Fingal community.

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