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Cappagh Hospital - Convent House

Linham is thrilled to share the successful completion of the Convent House project at Cappagh Hospital, Finglas, Dublin 11. As the principal contractor on this prestigious venture, our team has masterfully refurbished the historic Convent House, a grand estate built in 1860 that had since been repurposed for various functions, leading to its deterioration.

This comprehensive refurbishment aimed to restore the building's original grandeur while equipping it for contemporary use. Efforts included the careful demolition of inappropriate additions, structural stabilization, and minimally invasive updates to mechanical and electrical systems to preserve the building's fabric. Key restoration works brought the grand staircase, plaster cornices, timber dados, and original doors back to their former glory.

Moreover, the project introduced modern amenities, including updated office spaces spread over three floors, new restrooms, and a canteen, all fitted with the latest in IT, power, and heating solutions. Ensuring the safety of hospital operations, staff, and visitors was paramount, with stringent health and safety measures in place throughout the project duration.

By overcoming significant logistical and conservation challenges, Linham has transformed the once-neglected space into a functional and sustainable office environment, blending historical elegance with modern necessities. The Convent House now stands as a testament to Linham's commitment to excellence and our ability to navigate complex projects in sensitive environments.

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