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Candle Community Trust

Linham's Candle Trust project involved the creation of a new, architecturally designed building connected via a corridor to a significantly renovated existing structure. This new educational facility was crafted to meet contemporary high standards, featuring state-of-the-art offices, spacious classrooms with inclusive toilet and shower facilities, a security-enhanced reception area, and efficiently designed entrance spaces. Meanwhile, the renovation breathed new life into a 1970s building, repurposing its spaces to support innovative training approaches for young adults facing social inclusion challenges.

The newly constructed building boasts modern architectural elements such as airtight designs, advanced cavity wall insulation, and a thermally efficient roof supported by a precision-engineered steel structure. Enhanced thermal isolation is achieved through double-glazed windows and doors, complemented by premium hardwood finishes. The renovation encompassed comprehensive demolition, structural modifications, and the introduction of new electrical, mechanical, and flooring systems, aligning with the project's ambition to provide top-tier educational facilities.

One of the project's logistical challenges was ensuring the safety of school operations, as construction activities required access through the school's playground. Despite these complexities, the project was completed punctually and within budget without compromising safety or quality. The transformation has equipped the community with modern, purpose-designed training facilities, marking a significant upgrade from the outdated predecessor.

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