Linham Construction to Kick-Start Construction of Prestigious New Central Bank HQ

LINHAM CONSTRUCTION provide the complete range of construction-related services. From demolition to superstructures to turnkey finishes at hand-over, LINHAM will ensure the long-term quality of a building.

LINHAM is a company with a dedicated team of professionals and craftsmen who work to a consistently high standard to deliver high quality buildings to its clients. The operating philosophy of LINHAM CONSTRUCTION is one of co-operation with its clients and with their design teams. An over-riding objective is always to deliver quality work on time, which reflects well on all those involved, and in so doing, creates the potential to carry out further subsequent work for the same clients and design teams.

The success of this policy is evident from the large proportion of LINHAM’s turnover which is repeat business with satisfied clients.

In more than 20 years of trading, LINHAM has acquired an ever-growing list of satisfied clients who have experienced the company’s straightforward and professional approach, based on partnership and teamwork. LINHAM does not engage in spurious claims and always endeavours to resolve any contentious issues that may arise by honest dialogue with ‘open book’ approach.

LINHAM CONSTRUCTION is a progressive company. It is committed to steady growth in size and capability and it passionately believes in excellence. It has always recognised that its best advertisements are its comleted projects and its satisfied clients.

The diversity of these projects, both in scale and type, illustrates LINHAM’s capacity to provide a quality finished product on time and within budget.

Using a team of tried and trusted sub-contractors, LINHAM is geared to providing quality workmanship on projects ranging from office blocks to apartments to housing extensions etc.

The company’s maintenance division is on call for emergency and programmed work on buildings controlled by a number of property management companies.