Heritage Works


Heritage Restoration & Conservation Projects

Linham Construction Ltd. has an empathy and understanding of the philosophical and legislative context in which built heritage conservation is practiced. The specialised areas of work that are common within such projects require a management team to possess a thorough understanding of the historic construction skills, methods and materials of the building being worked on and to demonstrate an understanding of the philosophy and principles that guide these, such as:

  • Understanding and Respect of Legislative Requirements
  • Inspection, Survey, Testing, Assessment & Preparation
  • Protection of Existing Fabric
  • Minimal Intervention
  • Treatment and Repair
  • Restoration and Conservation
  • Use of Traditional materials
  • Use of Traditional Skills, Crafts and Methods

Linham Construction put particular emphasis upon pre-commencement and construction procedures when carrying out operations within a Heritage Building Environment. These would generally be as follows:

  • Detailed Site Survey.
  • Familiarise all Site Staff on Special Protection / Areas of Conservation.
  • Protection of Existing Structures / Items.
  • Special Procedures Adopted For Retained / Re-used Materials.
  • Confirm Authority for, and Issuing of Instructions, Signing off.
  • Special Site Safety Procedures to be implemented.

Work carried out to the Pavilion, Trinity College, Dublin (2013)

We would as a rule impose strict procedures to ensure regular communication and liaison between all parties such as the Client, Heritage Architects and Specialist Heritage Contractors both prior, during and after operations. All our staff are require to have an understanding of the value of materials being conservers, both physical quality and cultural value. The conservation principle of minimum intervention and the concept of adding to a structure and only taking something away when it is absolutely necessary. All staff have to have the competence and technical ability to execution of works to the required standard and the ongoing need to not to cause damage to the surroundings in which they are working. Linham Construction have successfully completed a number of Projects that demonstrate our capacity and ability to adhere to these principles.

Roof Restoration Work carried out on Westland Row, Trinity College, Dublin (Completed 2014)