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Arkoni Ltd is widely recognised within the construction industry as one of the leading manufacturers and installers of fire-resistant glazing systems.

As a registered FIRAS accredited installer we are able to offer our customers real peace of mind on all our fire rated glazed installations. Our FIRAS accreditation means that systems installed by Arkoni will be backed up by the relevant test report verifying performance levels up to 180 minutes in some instances.

Fire rated door, screen and curtain walling systems subdivide internal thoroughfares into separate fire compartments which means that fire will be contained in one small area and be prevented from spreading for the duration specified by the fire rating.

Our integrity only systems will maintain their stability and integrity throughout the fire rating period but do not stop radiant heat. These systems offer a more economical answer to passive fire protection where integrity only is required and are usually measured 30/0, 60/0, 90/0, 120/0 and 180/0 minute fire ratings, the first two being the most popular and cost effective. Some systems are not available in the higher fire ratings so contact Arkoni for further information.

Our integrity and insulation systems will maintain their integrity, stability and insulation throughout the fire rating period, these systems have the advantage of also stopping the radiant heat from a fire from transferring to the opposite side of the screen or door set for the duration of the fire rating. These systems are usually measured 30/30, 60/60, 90/90 and 120/120 minute/insulation fire ratings. Once again contact Arkoni for further information.

Utilising precision steel and stainless steel and the very latest in glass technology, Arkoni provides a clear route forward when it comes to fire safety, with our systems satisfying both British and European fire standards (including BS476 part 22 1987 and a range of EN standards)

Our glazing is available in single or double glazed (IGU) units with many variations available for the secondary pane including tints, acoustic, laminated and solar control glass. Our door sets are available with a range of hardware options and finishes including automatic doors in some formats.

Our fire rated products come in a wide variety of polyester powder coated standard RAL colours and bespoke finishes on request. A polished stainless steel option is available in some of the fire ratings, which may be dull, brushed or mirror polished to suit your requirements.

At Arkoni we install many different types of framed fire rated glazing systems including Schuco Jansen, Forster, Voest Alpine and RP Technik. Our products can be found in a wide variety of internal and external locations including schools, hospitals, hotels, leisure centres, offices, supermarkets and shopping malls.

At Arkoni we never compromise on performance to achieve an aesthetic finish, however when site lines are an issue, we can offer butt-jointed fire rated glazing to create the illusion of a continuous glass wall partition system and, by using different glass combinations, we can further enhance performance for both integrity only and insulated fire rated glazing.

Steel boasts an extraordinary fire resistance, strength and durability and, when combined with state-of-the-art glass technology, provides the ultimate passive fire protection with the aesthetic looks of a non-fire rated system.

When it comes to fire-rated glazing systems our unrivalled knowledge, design expertise and manufacturing capability really do offer you a clear path to fire safety.  

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